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  We are breeders of the 10 - 12" Russell Terrier, sometimes called "Short-legged" or "Shorties."  We are not extremists, rather, we breed to the Standard for our breed as established by the American Kennel Club.  We breed smooth, broken-coated, and rough-coated Russells and we breed them quite carefully. We are active members of  the Russell Terrier Association of America and The Owner Handlers Association, proudly subscribing to the codes of ethics and sportsmanship of  the AKC, OHA and RTAA.  We are also members of the AKC-Canine Health Foundation, and Crowe's Nest's owner/founder, Terry Crowe-White, has also formerly served as a Member of the Board of the NCSU Veterinary Medical Foundation, Inc. 


  "Russell Terrier" is the official breed name designated by the American Kennel Club (AKC) for one of the  two breeds more commonly known worldwide, collectively, as the Jack Russell Terrier and is the shorter of the two officially recognized breeds bearing similar names and heritage.  The "Parson Russell Terrier" is their longer-legged, taller cousin.  Generally, the public refer to both breeds as "Jack Russells," which has given rise to a great deal of confusion.  This "Short Jack Russell" is also recognized by other registries worldwide, such as UKC (United Kennel Club) a United States registry, The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) and other member countries of the FCI (Federacion Canis Internationale) registries, as the "Jack Russell Terrier." 


   At Crowe's Nest, all of our dogs are AKC registered, some are also registered with UKC, and we show them regularly at AKC shows throughout the southeast, with occasional trips to states above the "Mason-Dixon Line".   We are not a "commercial breeder" - far from it!  Our dogs are part of our family, not a means of producing "supplemental income".  Because we care about the future of this wonderful breed, and because we show our dogs, our goal is to produce the "Ideal" Russell Terrier, so our emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.  Typically we only produce one or sometimes two very carefully planned litters a year.      


  We believe that not only does "Form follow Function," but that function is absolutely dependent upon form.  If a Champion show dog can't hunt efficiently and effectively, how can it possibly be properly formed?  Likewise an efficient hunter will "hold up" to the close physical scrutiny of the show ring.  A properly constructed dog is also much less likely to develop unsoundnesses due to poor angulation, improper balance fore to aft, weak jaws, and so forth.  Congenital unsoundness certainly has no place in a proper breeding program, and we screen our breeding stock carefully for hereditary and genetic problems as well as more common illnesses and physical impediments.


   High intelligence is also a pre-requisite for a good hunting dog, and a calm temperament is required for "pack hunting."  Dogs that are hyper can't truly focus on the task at hand, especially if they're busy trying to spar with the other dogs on the trail.  Crowe's Nest takes great pride in the affability and trainability of our stock - and we've had no complaints from our previous puppy buyers about their temperaments or health - we plan to keep it that way! 


   The Russell Terrier is described as a breed of Moderation in all things.  Balance of proportion fore to aft and top to bottom creates a very effective and sound hunting terrier, as well as being pleasing to the eye.  The Standard for our breed is written to emphasize the concept of moderation, the necessity of proper form in order to maintain soundness for the hunt, and to clarify the obvious and distinguishable differences between the Parson Russell and the Russell.  We support the Standard which is consistent with the worldwide discription of the breed and adhere to it in our breeding program.  We show our dogs as a means of "testing" whether our dogs meet that Standard in the opinion of experts in the breed, and we're proud of our winning record!


   Our dogs are consistently well within the 10 to 12 inch height requirement of the Standard - most maturing at 10 3/4" to 11 1/4" tall, their ears button over, their coats are properly dense, coarse and lay flat, and their legs don't let them even remotely resemble a fuzzy Queen Anne footstool .  Our dogs are quiet by nature, - so, if you're looking for a teeny-weeny, crooked-legged, prick-eared, hyper or aggressive dog  . . . sorry, you'll need to look elsewhere. 


  Please, check back with us regularly; updates, newly designed pages and more features will be added as time permits.

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